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We offer AFFORDABLE, ACCREDITED & ACCESSIBLE courses for women. 

Everyone of our courses are designed to firstly, empower you to make good financial decisions. Secondly, educate you in all aspects of personal finance from debt to investing.  Finally, we give you the tools and strategies to take control of your finances in the simplest and most effective way.


Workshops & 1:1 Coaching

If courses are not for you and you need accountability from like minded women, then one of our workshop programs are for you.  Each workshop runs for 12 weeks with like minded women all leveling up their finances.

Personal Finance Coaching

1:1 Coaching

If you’d like not just the knowledge and plan to move forward, but full coaching support and accountability to create long-term change then the coaching journey is for you. 

Ultimate Finance Course

International accredited personal finance course designed to help females raise their vibe, learn money skills & build financial freedom. 

Covering: Organising your finances, money mindset, budgeting, debt, financial goals, money & relationships, savings accounts, pensions, credit reporting & investing. 

Meet the founder 

Stephanie Wilson is a certified financial coach, she  has a passion for  supporting women to achieve their financial goals. After studying law in 2018 Stephanie took a career change and started her Accounting and Finance journey. Stephanie found a gap in the market, where women in their personal  and business lives need financial guidance. Stephanie believes the role of a positive mental mindset is essential in achieving financial success and she has the keys to educate, coach and equip women with the knowledge to achieve their financial goals. She launched Femme Financial in early 2021, to enable everyday women to receive  financial education.

Testimonials & Featured Clients

Women in Kenya have a hard time living up to the expectations of "strong black women" especially in current time. Stephanie helped me understand that my budget and saving plans always fail because of my relationship with money. I now view money as a continuous source and now work on building my income stream rather than keeping guard of money I do have.


A really eye opener working with Stephanie, no judgement to the fact I was a stay at home mum on benefits. I now work part-time, sorted childcare, have 2 income streams and 'I am now an investor in the stock market.' Feels mad saying that.

Joanne Fagon

I did not realise how many expectations I put on myself as a women. I thought I was a bad Mum if I worked to much, I needed to be at the school runs, my kids should come first. Stephanie helped me realised I do not put those expectations on my partner so why should I put them on myself because of my gender. I now have a great work/life balance with no guilt. We are debt-free and 3 months since we started, we are still on budget.

Sarah & Kevin (couple coaching)

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