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Tools for Success


Financial Goal Setting

To gain financial freedom the first step is to create the right goals to help you move forwards. This includes breaking down and structuring your financial goals into a workable plan.


Money Mindset

Having a great mindset about money is such a powerful tool. Femme Finance will help you overcome any limiting beliefs or challenges you currently have or may encounter.


Monthly Budget Plan

Having a monthly plan will help you track income and expenses, creating a monthly spending budget to keep you motivated to keep on track with your goals

Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Life, But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

Money is such an critical area of our daily lives, yet we are not taught how to manage our finances effectively. 9.5 million Brits have mental health issues due to money worries, with more than 18 million UK adults worrying about money on a daily basis. Furthermore, a third of UK adults say their money concerns affect their sleep. More than one-third of UK adults in full-time employment say they are worried feeling anxious about their finances, including bill payments and debts. Are these statistics talking about you? Financial coaching may be your answer I help women take control of money and their financial lives. I provide support with practical issues such as budgets, as well as more complex issues such as emotions surrounding finances. I help clients to create, plan and work through their financials goals and aspirations. Furthermore, I can support women with key financial events such as marriage, raising a family, bereavement and separation.rttitor at sem. Mauris blan

How Do I know If Coaching is Right For Me?


Financial issues can affect our overall lifestyles and also our mental state, the only way to get on top of it all is to face up to all the challenges that come our way. Without putting new habits in place and using professional guidance financial success can become a real struggle. Femme Finance helps you create a new vision for budgeting and will relieve you of any stress or worries you may have that is stopping you from moving forwards.

Relationship Breakdown

Femme Finance will support you through the financial aspect of a relationship breakup helping you will practical matters such as rounding up and breaking down financial information, establishing budgets that reflect both current and future income and expenses. Femme Finance can also hold discussions about money, addressing any obstacles that emerge, and help you manage your emotions and improve your money mindset.

Money and relationships

Money is often a focal point for couples especially when you are considering combining your finances. Your money mindset and your financial priorities may be different from your partner’s. Femme Finance offers advice, planning and visionary meditation to prevent finances from becoming a toxic topic.

Financial Life Planning

Money means more than just cash, debt and transactions. Femme Finance will help you create, plan and fulfill your financial goals providing you with a bespoke financial blueprint to financial freedom.

Financial Health Check

Femme Financial performs financial health checks and analyses all areas of your financial health, assisting you to understand your financial position and correcting any gaps.

How It Works

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Choose a Coaching Plan

Choose the coaching plan or workshop that suits you needs. Find an indepth explanation of each option below or contact us to discuss further.

Reach Your Goals

In just 3 months you can turn things around and achieve big changes. We will leave you with a clear and workable plan to achieve your financial goals.

What Is Finance Coaching?

Money Mindset

We help you build a positive relationship with money, by creating healthy spending and saving habits to maximise wealth.

Budget Planning

Help tracking income and expenses, creating a monthly spending budget, and motivate you to keep you on track with your goals and successes.

Financial Goal Setting

Providing you with the financial know how and motivation to reach your financial goals.

Financial Planning

Breakdown and analyse your finances, your current financial position and areas of improvement

How Do I know If Coaching is Right For Me?

What’s your relationship with the money?

What do you think about it?

Are you always spending all your salary ?

Have you any doubt about your investments or Pension?

Have you planned your future?

Do you consider you cards debt as part of your budget?

Do you know how bonds or share market works?

Answering these question you can understand if you need help or not.

About Me

Stephanie Wilson is a certified financial coach, that has a passion for supporting women to achieve their financial goals. After studying law, in 2018 Stephanie took a career change and started her Accounting and Finance journey. Stephanie found a gap in the market women in their personal life and business need financial guidance. Stephanie believes the role of a positive mental mindset is essential in achieving financial success and she has the keys to educate, coach and equipped women with the knowledge to achieve their financial goals. She launched Femme Financial in early 2021. We are living in a time where we are inundated by social media and bloggers with financial posts on where to invest your money and easily led by the mirage of what social media offers. There are lots of self help books and quick fix options but long term this won’t give the the valuable results you are looking for. Femme Finance will help you in depth understand where you are at with your finances, work through your financial goals and help you understand your relationship with your money. Together working through any obstacles that prevent you from achieving your financial goals, emotions and any challenges you may encounter

Foundation Session

Does it seem like as soon as money comes into your bank account, it just goes straight back out? 

The foundation session will help you clear your mind on where you’re spending your money, prioritise spending on what brings you joy and put a strategy in place to automate your savings and achieve your goal.

More Details

This is a two-hour 1-1 session for women focusing on creating a budgeting strategy that works for you. A tailored strategic plan that will take into account what is important to you and a forward-looking plan that fits in with your lifestyle

 At the end of the session you will have:

  • Clarity around your spending habits.
  • A plan to independently work towards reaching your financial goals.
  • Awareness around your most important values and priorities.
  • The skills to automate and manage money for the long term.

Freedom Coaching Package

Are your money worries starting to impact your life and you can’t seem to get ahead or is your credit card debt causing you to lose sleep at night not allowing you to do the things you want to do in life?

If you’d like not just a plan to move forward, but full coaching support and accountability to create long-term change then this coaching journey is for you.

More Details

The freedom coaching plan consists of six coaching sessions  for women which include:

  • Clarity around your spending habits.
  • Confidence in how you manage your money.
  • Skills and strategies to increase your income.
  • Awareness around your most important values and priorities.
  • A clear path to achieve your financial goals and find financial freedom.
  • Ongoing support to help you make long-term changes for a thriving financial future.

If you would like not only a plan to move forward but full coaching support and accountability to create long-term change then this coaching plan is for you. 

Financial Freedom Workshop

This workshop is for women who are ready to take control of their financial lives and take their wealth and abundance to the next level. You will learn tools to uncover the subconscious thought patterns that are holding you back and how to change those thought patterns to support the feelings and actions that will propel you forward to achieving your financial dreams. You will also learn the practical elements of managing your personal finances so that you can implement a plan to reach your financial goals.

More Details

The financial freedom workshop is a 1-1 in-person or online workshop where you will learn: 

  • The power of your subconscious mind and how it affects your relationship with money.
  • How to uncover your limiting beliefs and reframe them to better serve you.
  • How to use the self-coaching system to create permanent behavioral change.
  • What your most important values and priorities are, and how to align your spending and financial goals in accordance with them.
  • The practical elements of creating an effective cash flow strategy, how to automate your finances, and the step-by-step actions you need to achieve great results.
  • How to ensure your success once you’re back out there in the world.